(This is the first story I ever wrote, when I was in second grade. I transcribed the handwritten version, which I luckily still have. There was an illustrated “book” once, but it was sadly lost when someone spilled water all over the class art drawer and the teacher threw everything out.)

Hello, my name is Mousey, I live in the subuerbs with my friend Brian, and I like to tell my life storys, so this is one of them.

One day I was in my cage and Brian came in, he was very excited about some thing and was holding a piece of paper in his hand, he said “Mousey we’re going to be in a parade and parade down moonbeem St. on Friday!”

“Ya!” I said. Brian said we should take the wagon to Jim’s house for decorations.

it was Monday so we didn’t have to hurry on the way there I saw a for sale sign on a street light it said,

For Sale:
a little white mouse. age: 3 months
female $1.00
3827 Unicorn St.

Brian said, “I’ll bye that mouse!”

On the way to get to Jim’s house we bought the mouse she was beautiful!

Brian named her snow flake. She said I was cute!

We fell in love and we got mirred on Friday during the parade.

She was wareing a Beautiful gown and veil, I was wareing a tux. The chipmunk who lived in the oak tree was the maid of honor and Mrs. Squral’s doughtor was the flower girl. My friend hermon fild mouse was Best Man, Sam Robin was prest and little Brown Sparrow was Ring Berrer.

every one waching was laughing. After the weding we went on our Honeymoon it was only under the Bed, But it was privet. After the Honey moon we went to Bed.

the End