Two souls. Two hearts. One body.

Honoring an ancient tradition, Felan chooses to become a double-soul, taking a nature spirit into his body. But Kahal is nothing like what he expected. Fascinated by things like airships and electricity, Kahal insists on being taken to a modern city. They must hide their nature, for double-souls are forbidden, wiped out a generation ago when the Torelian Empire conquered Felan’s people.

Felan meets Addie, a Torelian that defies his expectations. Kind and accepting, she runs the city’s first animal shelter. Though Felan tries to fight it, his attraction to her only grows. To make matters worse, Kahal falls for an inventor’s assistant. Not understanding the taboo against same-sex love, Kahal pursues the shy, brilliant Edwin.

Living two lives with one body becomes a delicate balance full of arguments and reluctant bargains. But when one of their lovers is in danger, Felan and Kahal will put aside their differences and risk everything by tapping into their true power.

A story of compromise and love with a fascinating twist on shapeshifters.


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