Weapons and Wonders cover

Weapons & Wonders

Working on a military contract isn’t what Jak wanted, but he tries to look on the bright side. Enchanting several mechanical dragons is an exciting prospect, and more importantly, the project allows him to stay close to Leander. They’re even living together, but making excuses for it to Leander’s family and everyone else. Jak knows society is unaccepting, but he’s growing increasingly frustrated at the need to hide their relationship.

Leander still can’t believe flirty, popular Jak chose him. Their romantic partnership is unlike anything he’s experienced before, and a small part of Leander is worried Jak will grow tired of him.

When plans for the newest dragon go missing, suspicion falls on Jak, and Leander is terrified his lover will be taken from him. Then sabotage strikes the project, and it becomes clear a spy is in their midst. Far worse things are on the horizon, and this time Jak can’t run away. To keep Leander and his family safe, Jak is forced to make a terrible choice.

Mages & Mechanisms

Leander Weatherford doesn’t want a mage, but he needs one. Enchanted mechanical animals are all the rage among the upper classes, and selling them will save his struggling family business. Enter Jak, whose enchanting ability is second only to his talent for flirting. It’s dangerous to keep such a tempting man close, but Leander can’t resist—in more ways than one.

Jak needs money to continue his aimless life of running. A partnership with Leander provides both income and a lovely diversion. Their masterful creations catch the attention of an eccentric baroness who offers them an enormous sum for an ambitious project—a full-scale mechanical dragon.

Swept into a life rubbing elbows with nobility, Leander is pleased but overwhelmed. Spending both workdays and evenings with Jak, he finds himself drawing closer to the charming mage. But Jak is hiding a dangerous secret, and the truth could tear them apart.

Rainbow Islands cover

Rainbow Islands
In the Christian Republic, homosexual people are given two choices—a camp to “fix” them, or exile to the distant islands populated by lesbians and gay men.

Sixteen-year-old Jason chooses exile and expects a hardscrabble life but instead finds a thriving, supportive community. While exploring his identity as a transgender boy he also discovers adventure: kraken attacks, naval battles, a flying island built by asexual people, and a daring escape involving glow-in-the-dark paint. He also has a desperate crush on Sky, a spirited buccaneer girl, but fear keeps him from expressing his feelings.

When Jason and his companions discover the Republicans are planning a war of extermination, they rally the people of the Rainbow Islands to fight back.

Shy, bookish Jason will have to find his inner courage or everything and everyone he loves will be lost forever.

Undaunted cover

Kelas Vartorvi escaped from one vampire only to find himself bound to another. Roshan saved his life and honor demands Kelas stays by his side until he repays the debt.

Roshan takes his broody new werewolf bodyguard in stride. Slowly, his relentless good nature begins to break down Kelas’s walls.

And their tentative friendship becomes something more.

An unexpected visitor from Roshan’s past throws them into a political plot and gives Kelas a chance for revenge. But are the gods blessing Kelas, or asking for a sacrifice?

Dragonkin-Changelings ebook V4

Dragonkin are From Mars, Changelings are From Venus
Shadow Valley #5
Fear hangs over Shadow Valley as Aiden and Dylan begin their senior year. Mr. Johnson finally calls in his favor, and it might be more than Dylan and Aiden can handle, but the fae are magically bound to keep their promises and Dylan won’t abandon his best friend.

When someone claiming to be from Aiden’s past appears, he’s faced with a dangerous dilemma. Is one of his fondest wishes coming true, or is he walking into a trap?

Then the anti-treaty extremists make a shocking move to bolster their forces, leaving the already weakened wardens reeling. An old foe returns, forcing Dylan to face his mistakes. While the town braces for another attack, Dylan considers taking drastic measures to make things right.

In the thrilling conclusion to the Shadow Valley series, Aiden and Dylan risk everything to save their town, their loved ones, and each other.

Cover Zen and MMC - ebook V1

Zen and the Art of Major Magical Control
Shadow Valley #4
Aiden’s confidence in his magic grows as he becomes more comfortable with his fae nature. Although having a boyfriend fills him with happiness, Aiden wants to keep the relationship secret, worried what others might think—especially Dylan.

Dylan butts heads with the new school liaison, a warden who embodies everything Dylan hates about their control. Then a violent death sparks unrest between citizens and wardens, driving long-held resentment to the surface.

But the protests are just the beginning, and things in Shadow Valley will never be the same.

Cover How to Survive High School Without Really Dying

How to Survive High School Without Really Dying
Shadow Valley #3
A killer stalks Shadow Valley, draining people of their blood and leaving behind traces of dark fae magic. Dylan and Aiden fear it might be Morgan and wonder if they’re next. Each death weighs on Dylan, knowing Morgan roams free only because of his selfish actions.

Meanwhile, Aiden can’t help hopelessly crushing on werejaguar Tiago even as he struggles with mixed feelings about Hanna moving on. Dylan grows closer to Hanna, but he worries if asking her out will upset his best friend.

As danger draws closer, Aiden and Dylan will have to rely on themselves and each other if they want to survive another night, let alone high school.

The 7 Bad Habits of Slightly Troubled Monsters

The 7 Bad Habits of Slightly troubled Monsters
Shadow Valley #2

Haunted by recent events, Aiden struggles with a debilitating fear of magic. Not a good situation for a changeling who needs to master his powers in order to graduate. He finds a bit of distraction in Hanna, who might like him as something more than a friend.

Dylan wishes he could take back his mistake, even as he still dreams of freedom. His guilt over hurting Aiden only grows worse when he realizes how deep the damage goes, and when he tries to protect Aiden from a bully it only lands Dylan in more trouble. Pressure mounts from all sides until the dragonkin feels ready to explode.

When a new threat arises, Aiden must use all his magic to save Dylan… and himself.

How To Make Friends And Not Incinerate People

How To Make Friends And Not Incinerate People
Shadow Valley #1

Welcome to Shadow Valley, a town hidden from the world — and full of monsters. Students at the high school learn how to control their supernatural powers alongside regular classes. Graduation means the freedom to go out into the human world. Failure means being trapped in town for good.

Aiden discovers a new world when his changeling powers manifest. Forced to move to Shadow Valley, he struggles with the fear of his powers and his strange classmates. When he meets bad boy Dylan, a dragonkin, they begin an unlikely friendship. But something dark stalks their dreams, tempting them with their heart’s desire.

When Dylan makes a dangerous choice, will Aiden’s friendship be enough to save him?

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Lord of Hell (Alex Holden, Book 3)

The Apocalypse looms again, and this time Alex might not be able to stop it.


Saint of Sinners (Alex Holden, Book 2)

Alex goes to high school, makes new friends, and struggles to keep his human life separate from his supernatural one.


Not My Apocalypse (Alex Holden, Book 1)

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My name is Alex Holden, and I’m the Antichrist. It’s not like I had a choice. My father is the devil and I’m supposed to help him cause the Apocalypse, but I want nothing to do with it. What I want is to be free of him, to hang out with my demigod friends and my cat, Mew-Mew.

Then I find out Ragnarok might be starting, and I know what I’m going to do.

I’m not going to destroy the world, I’m going to save it.


Erik’s Tale

His music captured her soul. Her love will save his.

Erik is blessed with musical genius and cursed with an ugly face. The one spark of hope in his life is the talented singer Christine, but his need for companionship drives him to dangerous obsession. To keep her and his secrets, he will do anything.

Christine dreams of triumph on the stage, ambition and faith blinding her to the truth about her mysterious teacher. Lured to the depths of the Opera House by an angel, she finds a monster instead. Little by little, she discovers the lonely man beneath her frightening captor. Torn between her growing affection for Erik and the romantic advances of her childhood friend, she becomes more conflicted with each day.

As Erik’s possessiveness transforms to real love, he realizes he must free Christine to make her own choices. Then he is confronted with a terrible choice of his own: give up his chance of happiness, or lay down his life.

Emma and the Air Pirates

Emma Gillard is running from her family and herself. She sees the magic inside her as a curse, and with good reason. Any witch discovered in her home town is hunted down and burned at the stake.

When Captain Zeke Donovan rescues Emma from a crashed airship, one touch ignites a spark of magic in him – magic he’d thought lost forever. She’s his only hope of getting it back, and convincing her magic is a gift is hard enough before she finds out he’s a pirate.

Then they find themselves in danger with evil wizards, and trusting each other is the only way they’re going to get out alive.

Through the Fire_200x300

Through the Fire

Love is stronger than Hell. The demon Xemriel spends his life killing disobedient wizards and hopes to lead his Master’s army in the coming war. Then he sets eyes on the achingly familiar Sahyuri and everything changes. He needs to find out why neither of them can remember their past and what their strong connection means. His searches turn up more questions than answers, but then a night of passion brings their memories crashing back.

Before meeting Xemriel, Sahyuri’s life was full of bitter hatred at her lowly position and the struggle to move up in rank. Now all she wants is Xemriel — and freedom. Her Master stands in the way of both and escaping him isn’t going to be easy. She’s got a plan, though, and it will give her more power than she imagined.

Xemriel and Sahyuri shared a life together before their Master tore them apart and erased their memories. This time nothing will stand in their way. Risky deals with rival demons, stealing power from a magical artifact, starting a war in Hell … they will do anything to be together. Their rare connection gives them a power few can match, but it might not be enough for both of them to get out alive.