Blurb! For the Love of Spooky Things

Not many people would want to move into a notoriously haunted house a few blocks from a cemetery, but to Zane Brannon, it’s a perfect place to live. He’s been able to see ghosts all his life, and making friends with them is easy. It’s harder for him to connect to the living, and starting high school in a new town is more intimidating than the creepy woods in his backyard.

He meets two friendly—and cute—classmates and soon finds himself caught in the middle of dark rumors and old rivalries. Witch covens, werewolves, lost hounds from the Wild Hunt… Silent Hollow is a strange town full of mysteries, and as Zane tries to untangle them, he isn’t sure who he can trust.

Zane loves what others fear, but he’s about to learn a harsh lesson. As comfortable as he is with the things that go bump in the night, it’s not possible for him to befriend everyone—or everything—that lurks in the dark.

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