Shadow Valley Book 2

The 7 Bad Habits of Slightly Troubled Monsters

It’s finally here! The second Shadow Valley book is available on Amazon!

Haunted by recent events, Aiden struggles with a debilitating fear of magic. Not a good situation for a changeling who needs to master his powers in order to graduate. He finds a bit of distraction in Hanna, who might like him as something more than a friend.
Dylan wishes he could take back his mistake, even as he still dreams of freedom. His guilt over hurting Aiden only grows worse when he realizes how deep the damage goes, and when he tries to protect Aiden from a bully it only lands Dylan in more trouble. Pressure mounts from all sides until the dragonkin feels ready to explode.
When a new threat arises, Aiden must use all his magic to save Dylan… and himself.

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