Six Sentence Sunday, July 1 (Dinosaurs & Whiskey)

What happens when you mix alcohol and time travel? You get “Dinosaurs & Whiskey”:

“You brought back a freaking dinosaur?” The creature was obviously a baby, mottled green and brown with a tiny horn on its nose and a frill at the back of its head.

“It looked lonely, and I thought it was cute.”

Felix tore his gaze from the baby and gaped at his friend. “You can’t take things from the past, August. You could destroy the timeline.”

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Six Sentence Sunday, July 1 (Dinosaurs & Whiskey) — 3 Comments

  1. Cute baby dinosaur, potential time disaster, and thoroughly unapologetic ne’er-do-well. Annoying-into-terrifying in real life, but catnip as fiction.