Six Sentence Sunday, Apr 8 (Saint of Sinners)

Happy Easter! Here’s some more Alex for you:

“There are things I can’t talk about.”

“Why not? Don’t you trust me?”

She didn’t get it, and how could she? Hayley had parents that loved her, a brother that loved her. She’d never been beaten, she hadn’t been isolated from the world, she hadn’t been born to destroy the world, and most of all, she was human.

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Six Sentence Sunday, Apr 8 (Saint of Sinners) — 8 Comments

  1. All right, so that’s some nontrivial cultural difference there… laid out in six sentences.

    That nonhuman bit, I wouldn’t worry so much; I’ve spent years working with zombies.

  2. It tells you a huge ton about the speaker when he points out all the things she is not – with the implication that he is. Then, in the kicker She is Human.

    I love this bit.

  3. Great six! “Don’t you trust me?” – what a great set up for showing his internal conflict. It does sound like they have a few obstacles to overcome… 😉