Six Sentence Sunday, April 1 (Saint of Sinners)

Animus leapt from her sheath as I crossed the distance between us. The man didn’t even have time to bow his head. I ran Animus through his shoulder and her singing ran in counterpoint to his screams. I slammed my foot into his stomach, cutting off the scream, and pushed him to the floor. “You murdered a cat,” I said as I looked down at him. “In my name.”

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Six Sentence Sunday, April 1 (Saint of Sinners) — 3 Comments

  1. Defender of kitties! OK, I admit that I am addicted to this story and I would so follow it, nineteenth-century-serial-fashion, chapter by chapter! The snippets are straight-up enticement. I am looking forward to seeing it published!

  2. OK, that is a bit extreme, but I’m all for defending and avenging the helpless. And to have the helpless harmed in my name would probably drive me into a equal rage. I love this dichotomy – noble purpose, murder.