So, I Published a Novel

Yesterday I put Through The Fire up on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I’ll put it up on Smashwords over the weekend. It’s a little frightening but also incredibly freeing to be making all the decisions myself. I hired a cover artist because my art skills are terrible, and I hired an editor because I believe a book benefits from being professionally edited. I did the formatting myself, and to be honest it was actually kinda fun. With future books I hope to get better at creating front and back matter (the copyright page, about the author, links to other books, maybe excerpts). I admit I rushed that a bit with this book, but for the actual text I made sure everything was correct and it looks very nice.

This is the start of a long and hopefully very rewarding journey. I’m working to get two more books out by the end of the year, and I have a rough plan for 2013 as well.

While I was uploading at B&N, I discovered something interesting, but I think I’ll save that for another post.

Here’s the blurb for Through The Fire:

Love is stronger than Hell.

The demon Xemriel spends his life killing disobedient wizards and hopes to lead his Master’s army in the coming war. Then he sets eyes on the achingly familiar Sahyuri and everything changes. He needs to find out why neither of them can remember their past and what their strong connection means. His searches turn up more questions than answers, but then a night of passion brings their memories crashing back.

Before meeting Xemriel, Sahyuri’s life was full of bitter hatred at her lowly position and the struggle to move up in rank. Now all she wants is Xemriel — and freedom. Her Master stands in the way of both and escaping him isn’t going to be easy. She’s got a plan, though, and it will give her more power than she imagined.

Xemriel and Sahyuri shared a life together before their Master tore them apart and erased their memories. This time nothing will stand in their way. Risky deals with rival demons, stealing power from a magical artifact, starting a war in Hell … they will do anything to be together. Their rare connection gives them a power few can match, but it might not be enough for both of them to get out alive.


So, I Published a Novel — 2 Comments

  1. Thrills! Chills (well, maybe not even on a cold day in hell)! Romance! yeah!

    and I had fun as a beta reader, so I’m gonna buy the book! Huzza! Bottle rockets! Excessive use of exclamation points!