Six Sentence Sunday, Dec 11 (Not My Apocalypse)

Here Alex speaks with the goddess Hel:

“I heard you were a brave one, but I wanted to see for myself. A parent does not always breed true, and the child can be quite different.”

Oh, how I fucking hoped that was true. “Lucifer is my father but that doesn’t mean I’m like him.”

“You have the same boldness.”

“But I’m not an asshole.”

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Six Sentence Sunday, Dec 11 (Not My Apocalypse) — 6 Comments

  1. The interchange between high diction for the gods and Alex’s own contemporary (and occasionally profane) voice really makes this snippet sing. Looking forward to the full version of this story.

  2. You didn’t disappoint, Devin–the story continues to rivet, the voice is authentic and fresh. Great job, and look forward to more!