Six Sentence Sunday, Dec 4 (Not My Apocalypse)

I won my 5th straight NaNoWriMo with this crazy romp of a story. In this six, Alex fights with his father (the devil):

He hit me so hard I heard my ears ringing and I tasted blood in my mouth. “You will obey me, no matter how many times I have to beat it into you.”

“Cause that’s worked so well before.” It hurt to talk through my busted mouth, but it was worth it. He growled and I kicked out at him again, trying to aim higher. I missed his balls but I connected with his hip.


Six Sentence Sunday, Dec 4 (Not My Apocalypse) — 5 Comments

  1. Love your voice. I like Alex already–his comeback is fantastic, and you do a great job with the descriptions. Not too much, just enough 🙂 Thanks for the great, if brief, read!