Six Sentence Sunday, Nov 20 (Not My Apocalypse)

Not My Apocalypse doesn’t stick to one pantheon:

“We did not give you Excalibur. Excalibur gave herself to you,” the Morrigan said.

“I should have bought her dinner first,” I muttered to myself. Odin’s son still heard me and he laughed even harder. To the Morrigan I said, “So then I shouldn’t thank you for giving me a weapon that can fight off Fenrir, huh?”

She gave me a crooked, crafty smile.

If you want to see a longer excerpt, I have one up on the NaNoWriMo site: Not My Apocalypse excerpt

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Six Sentence Sunday, Nov 20 (Not My Apocalypse) — 6 Comments

  1. ZOMG, this kid is funny. I love the sardonic, having-none-of-it voice along with the wisecracks (second the motion of the reviewer above about the ‘dinner’ line).

    This book is made of win and the sooner it’s out there for all to read and admire, the better for the Universe At Large.

  2. I’m most familiar with ‘the’ Morrigan. Though I know the names Odin and Fenrir, not enough to get a feeling for the snippet. Very intrigued, however.

  3. What a voice! The snippet is–well, a snippet, but the voice is true and fresh enough to keep me coming back for more. Thanks for sharing!