Six Sentence Sunday, Oct 16 (Erik’s Tale)

Erik’s tale is off with my beta readers. I wonder what they’ll think of this crazy little book that possessed me for months.

Erik took a breath and drew the first wailing note. He played like he always did: like a man possessed. Music possessed him, as it always had and always would. And while it possessed him, it enchanted those around him. He had used it to deceive Christine, to ensnare her mind and her voice. Now he played it to entertain, to brighten the life of a kind old woman, and perhaps, in a way, even to thank M. Daae.
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Six Sentence Sunday, Oct 16 (Erik’s Tale) — 5 Comments

  1. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be reading this from inside Erik’s head, or from an outside perspective. If it’s the first, then if he is possessed by music, he wouldn’t actually be thinking about his playing/etc.

    This re-imagining of The Phantom is certainly intriguing though…

  2. Recasting an old story is a fascinating challenge, and just in these six lines you’ve delineated a complex, nuanced version of a character originally written as an obsessed villain.