I Will Be Self Publishing

I’ve made the decision that I will be self publishing some of my work. This is both a business and a creative decision, allowing me the freedom to control my work and to get a higher royalty. Does this mean I won’t do “traditional” publishing? No, not at all, but the list of publishers I trust enough to send my manuscripts to is very, very short. In the future, if one of the so called “Big Six” come knocking on my door I’ll give any offer careful consideration, but for now I’m sticking to doing it myself or working with digital first/small press publishers.

I will be paying a professional editor and a cover designer, since I believe in putting out a quality product. I’ll give updates here as things go along. It’s too early for a release date but I’m aiming for this winter.


I Will Be Self Publishing — 1 Comment

  1. This strikes me as a good decision, given what I’ve read (on my own and at the prompting of colleagues) about the shifts in the publishing industry. Even ten years ago they were wanting ‘all rights’ as the default for all authors, leading a rational person to ask, “So what do we get out of this? We’re doing the work here.”

    Very interested in further developments on this story.