Six Sentence Sunday, June 12 (Taming the Darkness)

This week, I’m sharing a brand new story Taming the Darkness, which is a sequel of sorts to Darkness at Dawn. (Same world, different characters)

“They think you won’t survive?” That wasn’t very encouraging for her own odds of survival.

“They think I might eat you, Little Red.” He smiled again and she fought the urge to scream for the scientist to let her out.

In a shaky voice she said, “If you do I hope I give you heartburn.”

Victor threw back his head and laughed.

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Six Sentence Sunday, June 12 (Taming the Darkness) — 14 Comments

  1. Darkside much? I’ve been looking forward to this one and now you make me want to read it. This selection of sentences would make a nice addition to the back-cover, you know, right before the blurb.