Mid Year Check-in

So it’s June, which means the year is about half over. So far I’ve:

  • Written 61,176 words
  • Did a first pass edit on Through the Fire and Emma and the Air Pirates and sent both to beta readers
  • Did a second pass edit on Through the Fire
  • Finished Erik’s Tale
  • Sent Through the Fire to my editor
  • Started Taming the Darkness

The sad truth is that I look at all that and think I haven’t done enough. I might be just a little hard on myself.


Mid Year Check-in — 1 Comment

  1. You are definitely being hard on yourself.

    I think I’ve only written about 25K+14K+6K and finished editing one novel. But I have so many words in my head I’ll catch up.

    Revel in the gloriousity!