Six Sentence Sunday, March 20

It’s Six Sentence Sunday time again! Ah, I love an excuse to reread my favorite parts to find what I want to post. This week I’m sharing a bit of the masked ball in Erik’s Tale:

“Does the lady have enough courage to dance with Red Death tonight?”

The fear heating her skin became a blush instead and she wondered at how quickly her reaction could change. She did not think now of the Opera ghost or his kidnapping or his threats. She thought of Erik in the cemetery, the way he trembled when she held his hand. Of the song he wrote about her. Of the look in his eyes that grew softer each day.

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Six Sentence Sunday, March 20 — 5 Comments

    • @Christa Paige — Well, it’s not sexy, but it is sweet. As sweet as you can get with a hero that likes to kidnap and murder and drop chandeliers on the audience… heh. I am crazy, crazy obsessed with this story.