Six Sentence Sunday, March 6

For the curious, yes, Erik’s Tale is a retelling of The Phantom of the Opera. I’m having so much fun writing this. This week I’m giving you a taste of Erik’s perspective:

Christine playing Siebel while that toad Carlotta was given the part of Margarita. Were they deaf? Did no one remember how divine Christine had been at the gala? And to make matters even worse, the managers were sitting in box five, his box. Well, he would show them. He had promised them a disaster, and by God he was going to give them one.

(yeah, he has issues. That’s why I love writing him.)


Six Sentence Sunday, March 6 — 24 Comments

  1. Well. I do love me some Phantom of the Opera. And this sounds like a great story. I hope he ends up with the girl this time instead of the nitwit.

  2. Seconding the motion here on retellings. It’s a whole nother story when you ask Pretty Doll Heroine A or Throwaway Extra B what they made of all of it. And yeah, heroes/heroines with Major Issues make for Major Trouble which is the essence of Major Drama.

  3. Erik sounds like fun to write. People with “issues” are the fun ones to give voices to. Can’t wait to see more!

  4. Issues, yes, but that’s what makes a character interesting. Very nice snippet. Last week and this week, your excerpts reminded me how much I loved seeing Phantom at the Fox Theater for the first time. 🙂