Win a Moira Rogers eBook!

It’s contest time again! This time you can win ANY Moira Rogers ebook published by Samhain, except for Cry Sanctuary. Why not that one? Because it’s FREE on Barnes & Noble and Amazon for the next two weeks. Check it out!

I’ve known the Bree half of Moira Rogers for years, and through her I met her BFF Donna, the other half of this fantastic and prolific team. We even used to write together (for fun). I’m super thrilled that now we share a publisher, and I’m excited to share one of their books with you.

So, after you’ve downloaded a FREE copy of Cry Sanctuary, come back here for a chance to win another book. How about one of the other books in the Red Rock Pass series – Sanctuary Lost, Sanctuary’s Price or Sanctuary Unbound? Or either Crux or Crossroads from their Southern Arcana series?

Just leave a comment telling me what book you’d like and why, and on June 22 I’ll pick a winner. 🙂


Win a Moira Rogers eBook! — 4 Comments

  1. I just discovered Moira Rogers through a friends rec’s (I read calling the bluff, wild card and Ante Up!) I downloaded Cry Sanctuary book 1 (which I heard is excellent!) and would LOVE to win book 2! Or, any of the others that I don’t already have.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. I have Cry Sanctuary so would love to get the second in the series.. either that or Crux.. there were a lot of great reviews and comments when that one came out..
    Thank you very much for the chance to win one of these.. it’s much appreciated.