Life is Short

I got news this week that a coworker (I only know her in passing) got the Cancer Death Sentence. She’s around my age. It made me step back for a moment and remember how short life is. Depressing stuff. But it also made me realize that I’m finally on the right path.

Often, when I thought about my own death, I got a deep sense of sadness that I hadn’t done much in my life, particularly when it came to writing. This time, I thought that at least my life was headed in the right direction. Sure, I wish I was getting more done, and that I was further along in my career. But at least now I’m on the right path. My first book is coming out in June. I’m writing a new (novelette/novella/novel) something. I’m editing a book and mustering the courage to submit it. Another book – or two or three – is waiting in the wings to be written. Other books are waiting for a second or third draft. I’m not just spinning my wheels, I’m moving forward.

I leave you today with a quote:

“I was once being interviewed by Barbara Walters…In between two of the segments she asked me…’But what would you do if the doctor gave you only six months to live?’ I said, ‘Type faster.'”

–Isaac Asimov


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