Resolutions and Frustration

It’s that time of year again (a week late, but still). My resolutions this year:

1. Read more. I’ve gotten a good start on this.
2. Write more. I only wrote around 105,000 words last year. This is not acceptable.
3. Edit and SUBMIT at least one novel. I now have seven novels sitting around and it does me no good if I can’t get them out the door.

I’ve been frustrated lately. I keep thinking of all the time, all the years I wasted poking around at my writing and pretending that I was getting somewhere. I should have been more serious about it, a lot sooner. Over and over I get the sense that I should be farther along in my ability and my career than I am. I feel like I’m always behind. And yet I keep letting laziness get the better of me. It’s a vicious cycle, and I want it to stop.

The only thing I can change, now, is what I do from this point on. I can whine about yesterday all I want, but I can’t go back and change it (unless someone has a spare Tardis?). Every day I start the struggle again: am I going to be weak, or am I going to be strong?

Lillith Saintcrow has a great post on her blog: The Mystery of the Mask where she talks about acting like what you want to become. If I want to be published, I should act like I already am by making writing a priority and so on.

I’m going to try it, and see if I can fend off my laziness.

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