A touch of humor

This was one of those odd ideas that occurs during NaNo, and as one should in these situations, I just went with it. This was written at The Loft in the company of people who were good enough to laugh when I described the situation to them.

(Again, please note that this is fresh from NaNoWriMo and is UNEDITED)

After a while he went below decks again. Shadow had found a deck of cards somewhere and she was playing with Ana. After he watched them for a few seconds, he realized that they were also playing with Tenai. He was still tied up, but Ana would hold his cards up to him whenever it was his turn. The demon would frown at the cards for a few seconds and then call out which one he wanted to play. Zane stood watching for a few seconds before Shadow noticed him. “Hello, Zane! Would you like to get in on the next game?”


The way Tenai glowered at him made the decision for him. “Okay.”


“Then I’m out,” Tenai said.


“Oh, come on!” Ana said. “Are you afraid he’ll beat you?”


“No!” he growled.


“Well, then keep playing.” Ana smiled. “Besides, I’m winning anyway. I’ll probably win both times.”


“I’ve never played this stupid game before. I haven’t had time to get used to it,” Tenai complained.


“All the more reason for you to play the next game,” Ana said.


Zane caught Shadow trying to hide a smile. He sat down between Ana and Shadow, which put him across from Tenai. “So, what are we playing for?”


“Bragging rights.” Ana shrugged.


“I suppose that’s good enough.”


“You’ll have to wait a few more minutes. You can watch me kick both their butts.” Ana grinned.


“I better not catch you cheating and looking at my cards,” Tenai said.


“I don’t have to cheat. I’m just that good.”


“Gods, is she always like this?” Tenai asked. “How has no one killed her yet?”


Zane was ready to yell at him for making such a horrible comment, but Ana threw her head back and laughed. “I think Zane has been tempted a few times.” She winked at him.

A slow smile spread across his face. “Yeah, but then I’d still have to deal with her. She’d probably haunt me.”

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