A Second Round of the Insanity

For the second year, I will be joining in the insanity known as National Novel Writing Month. I will likely be crying by this point next week, but I’m sure it will all be worth it in the end. Last year’s effort produced Shattered, which I am still in love with. Despite being written at a ridiculous pace, it really doesn’t need that much work, aside from adding in things I skipped in the interest of time.

This year’s idea is roughly titled Reap & Burn.  All my ideas might go out the window once I start, but for now it’s about Zane, the half-mortal son of Death, looking for his father, who has mysteriously disappeared. On the way he has a few run-ins with Tenai, a half-demon teenager burning down villages in a revenge quest.

Right now, Tenai has a better developed character arch (within the loose ideas I’ve got floating around) and I hope I can manage to keep Zane’s part of the story as interesting. We’ll see. I’m going at this with much less of a plot idea than last year, but I’m looking at that as part of the fun.

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